Getting More Social on Twitter?

As your business gets *more social* on the Twitter front, be sure to align yourself with marketing professionals that understand both consumer and crisis communications.  Your followers deserve an accurate and balanced picture of your company’s offerings when they are being promoted on this social networking site.  Moreover, everything that you do online will be available for review by your friends, colleagues, clients, vendors and various media.  If you need assistance in discussing strategies for your social media efforts, please e-mail us at

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New Year, New Color – Go “Honeysuckle”

It is the first work week of the new year.  Many companies are either rolling out their new marketing programs or updating current ones to improve their effectiveness.  As you execute your direct marketing (sales brochures, catalogs and flyers) and advertising campaigns (print media, outdoor advertising and online advertisements), be sure to produce creative and eye catching designs using vibrant and fashionable colors.  The shade of the year is honeysuckle and according to Pantone, this red-pink hue is considered a “captivating, stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going.”

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