The Art of Persuasion – Election Day

This Election Day, many Americans are researching the politicians before they vote for them.  I just listened to 14 voicemails from my local politicians as well as reviewed their postcards, brochures and other promotional leaflets.  Over the weekend, I heard friends and family discuss the candidate pool as well as watched cable news shows for debate recaps. I also scoured the Internet (i.e. reviewed online editorial content, Twitter and Facebook postings) over the past month to keep abreast of campaign trail happenings.

Along with many others,  I have embraced both traditional communication methods as well as new technologies to help make informed decisions about which candidates to support. 

This Election year – If you are a business owner – pay close attention to how politicians promote themselves to the general public.  They spend much of the campaign funds in areas such as advertising, public relations, social media and events to help differentiate themselves from their competitors.

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