Facebook Can Now Recognize Your Face!

Facial recognition software, a technology commonly used at airports, police stations and motor vehicle centers, is now live on Facebook.   This new feature matches newly uploaded photos to images in your current album and then suggests the name of a friend/family member in the photo for tagging purposes.

Some regulators are now looking into privacy issues sparked by this new Facebook software.  However, it is our belief that many Americans are not as concerned as they were years ago regarding Facebook privacy.  Think about it – the more you post, poke, ‘like’, ‘tag’ and ‘check-in,’ the less you care about online privacy.

If you are still uncomfortable with the facial recognition tool, you can turn it off in your Privacy Settings.  All that you have to do is click on “Customize Settings” and then “Suggest photos of me to friends.” Once you disable this feature, your name will no longer be suggested in photo tags (however, people will still have the ability to tag you manually).

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