Jennifer Spindola
Founder and Director, CPR Media Services

Jennifer started CPR Media Services on a simple philosophy – always add “a breath of fresh air” to your marketing approaches.  She is very passionate about helping businesses grow and getting people to adapt to the ever-changing new media landscape.  Jennifer also works very hard to improve a product or service by implementing highly creative and results driven public relations, social media and advertising programs.

A 15 year public relations and marketing veteran with a proven track record, Jennifer has worked at notable organizations in New York City, including Edelman and Ruder Finn.  During her professional career, she created nationwide publicity for a number of iconic brands including Advil, AXE, Butterball, Claritin, Dove Face, KFC, Ortho Evra, Rogaine, Softlips, Tamiflu, Weight Watchers, Majesco Entertainment and Namco.

At CPR Media Services, Jennifer executes all marketing and publicity efforts for programs/events, thus providing much more than “consultancy services.”  Many of her company’s clients see her as a trusted extension of their teams.  You may contact her directly at to learn more about the company’s approach to business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) marketing as well as current clients of CPR Media Services.

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