About Us 

CPR Media Services specializes in the promotion of healthcare, cosmetics, food, organic goods, interactive entertainment properties and other consumer products. We also work with experts in the fields of medicine, personal care, sports, entertainment and religion to market their books and other professional services.

Why Public Relations

An important marketing tool today is public relations.  It helps to build your product or service’s reputation and credibility.  With 21st century personal computers and information appliances proliferating in society, these new media channels create very savvy and knowledgeable consumers.  Americans are now encountering thousands of marketing messages on a daily basis from a variety of communications mediums, such as social networking sites, Email marketing, outdoor advertising, broadcast commercials and online/print publications.  So how do consumers sort through “communication inundation?”

Public Relations is a unique and important communication tool as it helps build one’s product and service through editorial coverage, versus paid advertising.  To many people, editorial stories provide an objective and impartial third party endorsement, which in turn, generates publicity and brand credence to a potential customer base.

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